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In addition to the everyday coursework, the univeristy held a colloquium series, inviting luminaries from all across the field of computer science. Financiers, activists and researchers at the cutting edge of new technologies came to give their perspectives and share some of their work.

Philip Greenspun Software Engineering Professionalism
Fred Martin To Mindstorms and Beyond: Evolution of a Construction Kit for Magical Machines
Richard Stallman The Free Software Movement and the GNU/Linux Operating System
Chip Hazard Financing eBusinesses
Marc Hamilton Software Engineering at Internet Speeds
Philip Greenspun One-Day Internet Applications Course
Allen Shaheen Experience as one of the Founders of Cambridge Technology Partners
David Parmenter Things I Learned the Hard Way: Engineering and Computer Science in the Real World
Gerald Jay Sussman The Legacy of Computer Science
Michael Sipser The History and Status of the P versus NP Question
Robert Sloan What to do when the Teacher is an Ignoramus or a Liar: Learning from Queries even when the Answers to the Queries are Wrong
Jothy Rosenberg Basic Mechanics of Startup Financing, Equity and IPOs: What Engineers Should Know


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