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Recipe for Success

Start with an inspiring vision of how dramatically far and fast education could be pushed, given the right environment and ingredients. Prepare a state-of-the-art laboratory, lined with workstations and comfortable chairs. Mix in a commitment to discovering new ways of bringing people together to learn, utilizing the internet. Add academic luminaries from MIT and Harvard teaching the courses they love in the most engaging environment imaginable. Finally, stir together thirty-four passionate and inspired people who are willing to leave off their past successes in a dizzying array of fields to spend a year exploring computer science, together.



The concept of ArsDigita University was to offer bright and motivated college graduates an undergraduate level major in computer science in one year with minimal interruption to their lives. Normally, these people's options would be limited. Many universities do not allow college graduates to enroll in an undergraduate degree program, and at best one might be able to sample extension school classes a la carte over a period of several years. Master's degree programs are not appropriate either, because they require extensive preparation. The university offered a quality undergraduate education based on the courses offered at the country's best computer science schools (and often taught by the same professors). It provided its graduates with a solid foundation in academic computer science, preparing them for graduate school or for jobs in the industry. Finally, and not least, the program was offered completely free, in keeping with its commitment to create "the best computer science education for everyone."


An Introduction to ArsDigita University
Dr. Shai Simonson, Director

Commencement Address: The ADUni Idea
Bryon Gill

Commencement Address: The Legacy of ADU
Kevin McCulloch

ADU Farewell
Shai Simonson


Commencement Ceremony: Video Download | Streaming Video

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